To all those who have supported Open Society,

It is with heavy hearts that we will be closing our doors tonight (Thursday 9/20/18)  after our last dinner service. Over the last two years plus, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a thriving neighborhood spot for everyone to enjoy. After multiple attempts to make the right changes to keep us thriving, today we are making our last efforts as Open Society and will be ending our time under this concept. Hope hasn't been lost that we could reopen again in the future after some more work so we are closing today to protect that future. Tonight we will have a little celebration as we close the doors. There will be a limited menu from the kitchen with our full bar open and ready to serve you all. In addition to tonight if you would like to take home any of your favorites from our wine cellar, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to accommodate. 

Thank you for all the great memories and helping make our dreams come true.

Until next time,

Brian Baker

Owner & Sommelier