The Open Society Public House is an experience driven coffee and wine bar serving South American inspired dishes in Meridian Kessler, Indianapolis.  The public house blends classic Latino cultures and local Indiana roots with a modern industrial style.  Open Society strives to offer services tailored for a communal experience with a knowledgeable and well-trained staff to deliver the highest standards of refined technical service and gracious hospitality.  The menu features a mix of small and large plates from all over South America and a full beverage list including wine, cocktails and beer from across the world.  

The concept and design of Open Society is a piece of work that Brian Baker has been building his whole life and he looks to reflect these experiences into a public house of the finest quality.  Open Society is a product of Brian's passion for unique flavors, quality service & hospitality and finding art in all manners of life.  Brian has spent the last three years of his life educating himself on all matters of the hospitality and restaurant industry.   Over those three years Brian has graduated from the Kelley School of Business, The Institute of Culinary Education's Business Management and Intro to Culinary Art programs and The International Culinary Center's Intensive Sommelier Program.  He has worked at five different concepts across all available positions in a restaurant on a crash course into the operations of each part of these business. 

Follow along on the journey of opening Open Society through our social media pages to experience it for yourself and for any of the latest updates on all things OSPH.